Westraven Cloisonné tiles


 Welcome to my updated website about WESTRAVEN cloisonné tiles. I hope you have a lot of fun
 looking at the tile pictures.
 My name is Martin van Leeuwen. I don't collect WR tiles by myself but I like it to show you - this
 PF related - cloisonné tiles.

                             Have fun !!

  There is also available a website about PORCELEYNE FLES tiles.
  At this moment I have devided the Westraven tiles in two parts :
  Display tiles with different items      Tiles with a smal brown border and two hanging eyes. 
  Coat of Arms                                   Display tiles separated in provinces.
  Also next pages will become available :

  INFORMATION        Info about productionproces, technics, etc.
  NEWS                      Info about new developped tiles, specials, markets etc.
  FOR SALE               Tiles available for sale or change!


Today - Septembre 21e 2018 - all pages of this WR website part are available in English language. Navigation is ready! Now I start updating every segment with translating the Dutch text near the pictures!

Today August 21e 2018 I started to update my WR website part! Numbering will be updated in the same way as in my books. Also English will be introduced! Step by step. First English navigation, later on all text in English language. Segment by segment

It's a pity that at this moment the WR part of this website is not in the English language, except this page! I hope to change that soon!

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