Studenten - Student life


Laga betrekt haar nieuwe woning 1926
This tile was made for the opening of the new clubhouse of “LAGA”, the Delft Students Rowing club, on 3rd of July 1926.
“LAGA” as a club goes back to 1876

21.0115,0 cm  x 10,0 cm
Ontwerp: Louis Kalff
XVe Lustrum 1848 D.S,C 1923
75th anniversary of “Delft Studenten Corps”, showing the New Church decorated for the occasion 
21.0215,0 cm  x 10,0 cm
XVIe Lustrum 1848 D.S,C 1928
80th anniversary of “Delft Studenten Corps 
21.0315,0 cm  x 10,0 cm
XVIIe Lustrum 1848 D.S,C 1933
85th anniversary of “Delft Studenten Corps” 
21.0412,0 cm  x 12,0 cm
XVIIIe Lustrum 1848 D.S,C 1938
90th anniversary of “Delft Studenten Corps”. The theme of that festival was linked with “Merry Andrew”- “Jan Klaassen” in Dutch 
21.0512,0 cm  x 12,0 cm
N.C.S.V. Hardenbroek 1917 - 1939
Tile made for the “Nederlandsche Christelijke
Studenten Vereniging” -“Dutch Christian Student
Association”. The castle shown on the tile was used by them for bible studies and other meetings with a religious focus
21.0611,5 cm  x 11,5 cm
6e Lustrum VVSL 1900 27-29 Januari 1930 
Association for Women Students in Leiden 
21.0715,5 cm  x 12,0 cm
7e Lustrum VVSL 1900 1935 .24.25.26 Januari    
Association for Women Students in Leiden 
21.0815,5 cm  x 12,0 cm
8e Lustrum VVSL 27 Januari 1900 - 1940   
Association for Women Students in Leiden

This tile is not made by PF but by Gerrit den Blanken 
21.0916,0 cm  x 12,0 cm
9e Lustrum VVSL 15 - 18 sept. 1945    Association for Women Students in Leiden This tile is not made by PF but by Gerrit den Blanken21.1016,0 cm  x 11,0 cm
 WSC Durf te leven
Wagenings studenten corps
Association for Students in wageningen
21.1115,0 cm  x 15,0 cm 
Amsterdamse Universiteit 300 jaar 
300th anniversary of the University of Amsterdam                       
21.1213,5 cm  x 13,5 cm 
Nieuwe of Litteraire Societeit 
1802 - 1932 's Gravenhage
Made on the occasion of the 130th anniversary of a
gentleman’s club in The Hague
21.1312,5 cm  x 14,0 cm 
  21.1411,5 cm  x 11,5 cm
25 Jaren Technische Hoogeschool 1905 Delft 1930
25th anniversary of the Technical University of Delft 
21.1515,0 cm  x 15,0 cm
Fairleigh Dickinson
Universiteit in Rutherford - New Jersey. Opgericht in 1942


21.1612,0 cm  x 12,0 cm
Universiteit van de stad Groningen - 1614
Coat of arms of the university in Groningen - 1614
21.1712,0 cm  x 12,0 cm