Jubilea - Remembrance

NOF Calve Delft  1884 - 1924
At the back of this -numbered- tile (this one has
nr.2318) there is the following text (in Dutch):
“Presented by Oliefabrieken Calvé-Delft on 31st May 1924”. All permanent and casual staff received this tile as “a mark of honour for forty years of devoted service”.        
10.0112,5 cm  x 12,5 cm
R.N.Roland Holst
Oliefabriek Calve Delft       
“A remembrance of the bikscampagne Oliefabrieken Calvé-Delft"                     
10.0212,5 cm  x 12,5 cm
School 8 Keurenaerschool 1929 - 1934
This school was located at the address Keurenaerstraat 5 in Delft; presently -in 2005- It is now a Creche +daycare     
10.0311,5 cm  x 11,5 cm
School 8 1929 - 1939 
This school was located at the address Keurenaerstraat 5 in Delft; presently -in 2005- It is now a Creche +daycare           
10.0411,0 cm  x 14,0 cm
BETHEL 1899 - November - 1924
Bethel was a Protestant hospital in the centre of Delft



12,0 cm  x 12,0 cm
Delftse Reddings Brigade   
Opgericht 27 september 1927
D.R.B stands for “Delft Lifesavings Club”


10.0612,5 cm  x 12,5 cm
Eereprijs Huisvlijttentoonstelling
De centrale commissie van O. en O.
Toegekend aan :........
”Prize of honour, domestic industry exhibition. The
central comittee of education and development.
Presented to:…………..”
10.0711,5 cm  x 11,5 cm
Introduction of the first specially produced chicken-feed in the Netherlands                 
10.0812,0 cm  x 12,0 cm

De Pottenbakker - Rode kiel  
The Potter - Red blouse    

10.0912,0 cm  x 12,0 cm
J.Th.Dessens 1939 - 1983
De Pottenbakker - Blauwe kiel 
The Potter - Blue blouse


10.1012,0 cm  x 12,0 cm
J.Th.Dessens 1939 - 1983
Vuurvaste Steenen 
De Porceleyne Fles Delft
"Fireproof Bricks - Porceleyne Fles Delft"
10.1112,0 cm  x 12,0 cm
Vuurvaste Steenen
De Porceleyne Fles Delft
"Fireproof Bricks - Porceleyne Fles Delft"
10.1212,0 cm  x 12,0 cm
Old wax seal of Amsterdam, depicting a vessel called a  “cog”. The tile was issued on the 650th anniversary of Amsterdam
10.1312,0 cm  x 12,0 cm
L.E.F. Bodart 1888 - 1933

W  E    1917 - 1927

1574 Leiden Ontzet 1924
350th anniversary of the liberation from the Spaniards on the 3rd October 1574


10.1512,0 cm  x 12,0 cm


3 Oct. 1574 Leiden Ontzet
350th anniversary of the liberation from the Spaniards on the 3rd October 1574


10.1612,0 cm  x 12,0 cm


Issued on the occasion of the first exhibition for small domestic animals, held in Europe


10.1711,5 cm  x 11,5 cm
H.J.Tieman1938 - 1982
Nederlandse Vereniging van Radio Detailhandela-ren
Issued on the occasion of the 12.5th anniversary of the Association of electrical goods resellers in the province of Zuid Holland, in Delft


10.1811,5 cm  x 11,5 cm
H.J.Tieman1938 - 1982
1852 W.F.Stoel & Zn. 1952
On the back of the tile is the following text:” 100 years STOEL building materials Alkmaar”


10.1911,5 cm  x 11,5 cm
H.J.Tieman1938 - 1982



XIIIe Congres International de Laiterie


10.2011,5 cm  x 11,5 cm


De Loodgieter
On the back it states: 1904-1954; Jubilee Association of Employers in the Dutch Plumbing and Fitting Trade
10.2111,5 cm  x 11,5 cm


NVV 1904 - 1954
NVV was the then largest Dutch trade union


12,0 cm  x 12,0 cm
J.W.Ket 1946 - 1993
1958 Broederschap der Notarissen
1958 Brotherhood of Notaries Public
10.2311,5 cm  x 11,5 cm
J.Th.Dessens 1939 - 1983
A-G-H-T-M  Congres 1960 Pays-Bas


10.2412,5 cm  x 12,5 cm
Stempel van de vlaamse Wezen - Amsterdams
Seal of the Walloon -French speaking part of Belgium- Amsterdam Orphanage
10.2511,5 cm  x 11,5 cm


10.2612,0 cm  x 12,0 cm
 Z.L.M.  Zeeuwse Landbouw Maatschappij 
“Zeeuwse Landbouw Maatschappij” that translates into “Agricultural Company of the province of Zeeland”
10.2712,0 cm  x 12,0 cm
J.Th.Dessens 1939 - 1983
Ahasas verusAHASVERUS
14 Maart 1873 - 1923!
10.2812,0 cm  x 12,0 cm
VPRO Vrijzinnige Protestante Radio Omroep 
Protestant Broadcasting Corporation


10.2915,0 cm  x 10,0 cm
KEUKENHOF LISSE Explanation planned


10.3015,0 cm  x 13,0 cm
H.J.Tieman1938 - 1982
VER: Nederlandsch Fabrikaat 1915 VNF 1925
“VNF” was the logo of the “Dutch Product
Association”, promoting the sale of locally
manufactured- rather than imported goods.
Manufacturers meeting certain quality conditions were entitled to use the VNF logo on their products
10.3112,0 cm  x 12,0 cm
Laat lucht en zonlicht binnen               
Nederlands.centrale vereniging tot bestrijding der
Bring in oxygen and sunlight               
Dutch central organisation for fighting against


10.3212,0 cm  x 12,0 cm
Zuiderzee, 0 Fortuin Goud uit schuim  


10.3311,5 cm  x 11,5 cm
1912 Rotterdam 1922 ( Padvinderij)
10.3412,0 cm  x 12,0 cm


Van Ravesteyn & Zoon VRZ Suriname
1789 - Rotterdam - 1939 ( Koffiehandel / Coffee
10.3512,0 cm  x 12,0 cm
Ferwerda & Tieman Amsterdam  ( Wijnhandel / Wine Wholesaler


10.3612,0 cm  x 12,0 cm
1901 D.G.V. 1951  De Delftse groenteveiling
50th Anniversary of the Delftse Groente Veiling,  an organisation where on a daily basis, produce from market gardens in the wide vicinity of Delft were auctioned. The tile has the coat of arms of Schipluiden and Delft at the bottom.


10.3714,5 cm  x 20,0 cm
H.J.Tieman1938 - 1982
100 jaar gas Delft 1855 Delft 1955
Centenary of piped gas supply in Delft
10.3814,5 cm  x 20,0 cm
J.W.Ket 1946 - 1993
Ned. Gist & Spiritusfabriek Delft
De oude lepelbrug maart 1929 gesloopt
“Dutch Yeast and Spirits Factory, Delft”. The tile was made on the occasion of the old bridge across the canal -called “Lepelbrug”- being demolished.


10.3910,0 cm  x 15,0 cm
N.G.& S.F. Delft
This tile, relating to the same factory, was made to
celebrate the official opening of the new “Lepelbrug”.


10.4013,5 cm x 20,5 cm
Bouwmaterialen A.N. De Lint 1835 - 1935
Vroeger aan de Westvest te Delft
Building Materials A.N. De Lint 1835 - 1935
In the past Westvest at Delft


10.4113,0 cm  x 16,5 cm

New-York Worlds Fair 1939

10.4212,0 cm  x 22,0 cm
V.M.Oost Indisch Huis    
Achterkant tegel :

Vrij - entrepot der gemeente Rotterdam 1929 -1954
This building -located in historic “Delfshaven” in
Rotterdam- goes back to the activities of the VOC- The Dutch East India Company, established in 1602- with Rotterdam becoming one of its important “chambers”.
On the back of the tile is the text: “VRIJ ENTRE-POT DER GEMEENTE ROTTERDAM” (“Bonded Warehouse of Rotterdam”)
10.4314,5 cm  x 20,5 cm
P.Z.E.M. 1 October 1954
P.Z.E.M. stands for “Power Supply Company of the Zeeland Province”. This tile was made on the occasion of the official opening of the newly constructed power station “Zeeland”, the first one built after WW II.
10.4414,5 cm  x 20,5 cm
1924 - 1949
Achterkant tegel :
Aangeboden door Lissesche Kistenfabriek
At the back :
KISTENFABRIEK” “Presented by the Lisse
Kistenfabriek”, a factory producing wooden packing cases


10.4514,0 cm  x 20,0 cm
H.J.Tieman1938 - 1982
This bridge, with a length of 5km, was opened in 1960. Whilst it crosses the Oosterschelde, the correct name of the bridge is “Zeelandbrug”. The tile carries the coat of arms of the Zeeland province
10.4612,0 cm x 15,0 cm
Mar de Bruijn 1946 - 1994
Oosterscheldebrug   ( brown border )


10.46A12,0 cm x 15,0 cm
1900 Zeelandia 1950
Based on an engraving by Jan Luyken -1649-1712- a famous artist, engraver and poet- from his renowned “Book of Trades. The tile was made on the 50th anniversary of “Zeelandia”, a manufacturer of supplies for the bakery trade


10.4729,5 cm x 20,5 cm
H.J.Tieman1938 - 1982
1915 YC 1900 TCS 1950
This tile was made on the occasion of the merger
between the IJssel Power Station in Zwolle and the
Twente Central Power Station in Hengelo in 1950. The text on the tile reads like: “United into one force, we offer the best service, both for the prosperity of the province as well as the common good”
10.4829,5 cm x 20,5 cm
H.J.Tieman1938 - 1982


With country registration H and fictional registrationnumber H-NKLM, which began operating in 1925. The tile was made in 1927.
10.4912,5cm x 44,0 cm
10.5018,5 cm x 12,5 cm
Leon Senf 1878 - 1930
Kon.Ned.Hoogovens en Staalfabrieken
22 jan. 1924 1934
Uit kleine vlam een groote brand, en wel belaagd maar toch in stand


10.5115,0cm x10,5cm
1928 - 1955 PD.KSLD
This tile was produced to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Royal Dutch Shell Laboratory in Delft. “KSL” stands for “Koninklijke Shell Laboratorium" in Delft. The letters “PD” on the tile refer to its earlier name of  “Proefstation Delft”
(Test centre Delft)


10.5220,5cm x10,5cm
1874 - 15 AUG. - 1949   
Achterkant tegel :
Ter herinnering aangeboden door het brand-weerfonds
This tile was made on the occasion of the 75th
anniversary of the Amsterdam firefighting service
10.5319,5cm x14cm
H.J.Tieman1938 - 1982
Boering kaasimporteurs J.C.M BOERING kaas importeurs
1901 - AMSTERDAM - 1951
10.5420,5cm x14,5cm
H.J.Tieman1938 - 1982
1857 G.T.B. Schiedam 1957
The text on the back of the tile translates as:”Presented on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the technical departments -read ‘utilities”- of the town of Schiedam, 1st October 1956


10.5520,0cm x14,5cm
J.Th.Dessens 1939 - 1983
1 April 1906  1 April 1956
NV. Vereenigde Brandstoffenhandel
50th anniversary of the association of -then mostly coal! - fuel suppliers


10.5620,0cm x14,5cm
J.Th.Dessens 1939 - 1983


Hoefijzertegel eertste uitgave 1915                 
Horseshoe tile first edition 1915                 


10.5710,5cm x 10,5cm
J.Th.Dessens 1939 - 1983
1929 FERRO 1954 Holland
This tile celebrates 25 years of iron trade between
Holland and the USA
10.5820,0cm x14,5cm
H.J.Tieman1938 - 1982


Nederlandse rondvlucht 23/24-8-1935
Dutch round flight 23/24-8-1935


10.5910,0cm x15,0cm
Nationaal luchtvaartfonds 1934   
This tile was issued by the National Aviation Fund in 1934 to commemorate the first flight carrying Christmas mail from Amsterdam to Batavia in 1933. A major achievement, as the journey took less than 100 hours. The aircraft shown is the “Pelikaan”, Fokker F XVIII, with registration number PH-AIP. The text on the tile translates as: “Holland powerful at sea, now also competes in the air”


10.6012,0cm x12,0cm
Nationaal luchtvaartfonds 1934   
Afwijkende tekst / Different text
10.60A12,0cm x12,0cm
 Zierikzee Rode Kruis 1957 - 196210.6112,0cm x12,0cm
Het Nederlandsche Roode Kruis  
Country wide “Red Cross” organisation
10.6212,0cm x12,0cm
J.Th.Dessens 1939 - 1983
ZUOZ clubtagungZUOZ - CLUB - TAGUNG  26 - 29 MAY 1938 


10.6312,0cm x12,0cm
J.Th.Dessens 1939 - 1983
Noord Hollands Noorderkwartier
10.6417,0cm x17,0cm
"De Uiver" London - Melbourne race
10.6512,0cm x12,0cm
"Der Kiepenkerl" - marskramer - uit Munster              
10.6615,0cm x10,0cm